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An Art-Workshop with Primary school students in England.

Drawing and painting the human form based on the exuberant imagery in Indian Art.


Creative Art Workshop

Creative Drawing and Painting Workshop


Prof. Dr. Jyotika Sehgal:

Take an intensive five-day plunge into understanding and enjoying the fundamentals of Drawing and Painting. The fun of creating a visual work is explained in a stress-free process without suppressing an artist's individuality within you.


Each session will share the basics of separate genres of artwork. The art-creating journey of these classes will systematically take you through still-life, objects and plants, human figures and portraiture, line, tone, texture, color, etc. This session-wise exposure to the tools of the visual language of various artists and art forms aims to initiate you to recognize your creative work from a broader perspective.


Although each session will result in visual work, the culmination of the workshop/ classes aims to equip you to decide on creating your painting that is most conducive to yourself alone and makes no compromise to its technical maturity.

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